Using Mobile Phones


we4us in-house team has over 6 years of expertise designing fixed and mobile communication networks and can provide complete end-to-end engineering design services. Our solutions assure high quality and timely handover to construction by covering all elements of design from specific technical and structural requirements to Safety In Design, environmental compliance, and site acquisition.

Construction Crane


Bringing a mix of capability across multiple utilities from NBN to wireless and security system, we4us's team of Project Managers work across our national footprint of field engineers and partners building critical infrastructure for fixed and mobile communications

Installing Electric Cables


we4us has connected more than 200000 NBN customers nationwide and also built 60 plus telecommunication towers.  we4us has built an enviable reputation for ensuring that services are delivered to the end-user with the highest quality and on time. Working across residential and commercial premises in the areas of fixed-line communications, pay-TV – Cable, and satellite, along with nationwide 5G tower building.



With hundreds of technicians across Australia, we4us can quickly mobilize resources to maintain a wide variety of technologies – wireless, satellite, NBN services. This ability enables us to not only focus on key activities such as planned and preventative maintenance, but our far-reaching footprint also drives a unique capability in critical reactive maintenance